Gain an Advantage

For the Future of Your Business

What Can Aurora Do For You?

Take Control of Your Business.

With exclusive access to products, programs and services designed to help you stand apart from your competitors, the Aurora Advantage helps position your firm for long-term growth. Funeral homes nationwide have gained more control of the future of their businesses. The Aurora Advantage is about you, and giving you peace of mind in today's uncertain funeral service environment.


... your offerings with your client families' wants and needs. We design all our products and programs to be family-friendly, ensuring that what you offer is in lockstep with the preferences of those you serve.

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... the day-to-day management of your firm. Find more free time, so you can focus on what's important to you. Find smart solutions to help you cut the hassle and boost your productivity.

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... future value for your firm. You know where you want your business to be. Take simple steps to stay on pace with a changing industry, and realize the possibilities for long-term growth and stability.

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Ask Yourself...

Where does your business stand today? Where do you want to be in the future? Asking yourself the right questions can help you identify the right opportunities for growth, and Aurora is ready with tools to help you along the way.