Aurora Essentials

By Rob-Win Press

The Rob-Win Story

"It's the one artifact they have to remember their loved one or friend."

How can we create even more value for our funeral home clients?

Aurora posed this question to Bob Nobles, a funeral service veteran, when trying to determine whether Aurora should participate in the vast memorial stationery industry.

"The first product that guests come in contact with at a funeral home is a register book," Nobles said. "Many guests also leave with a prayer card or memorial folder. It's often the one artifact they have to remember their loved one or friend. Stationery is an important part of the funeral." It appeared that memorial stationery was a natural extension of Aurora's commitment to creating an honorable closure to every life, and in late 2011 Aurora acquired Rob-Win press in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Rob-Win Press has been printing funeral stationery since it was founded as J.R. Fuehrer Advertising in 1938. Thomas (Robin) Cook and Edwin Jarvis purchased and renamed the company in 1977 and have built it into one of the leading suppliers of funeral stationery.

"Rob-Win has always been known for our quality, innovation and service," said Robin Cook. "All we needed was broader distribution. By combining our products with Aurora's distribution network, we can reach more funeral homes than any other stationery provider today."

A special line of stationery, Aurora Essentials, will be the cornerstone of Aurora's stationery offerings. Aurora Essentials will bring a turnkey system of stationery merchandising to the market for the first time. Funeral homes with effective merchandising and high quality products can see a real improvement in family satisfaction, an integral part of Aurora's vision of creating an honorable closure to every life.