System for Cremation

Journey Cremation System

Help Families Understand Their Choices With Cremation

What do 90% of cremation families want? An opportunity for their family and friends to "say goodbye" in a meaningful and appropriate way. Aurora's Journey Cremation System helps to educate families about the choices they have for cremation. Customized for each funeral home, Journey offers a simple way to present service and product selections that families prefer.

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Celebrating Life's Journey

Saying goodbye. Sharing the story. The Celebrating Life's Journey guide helps families understand the choices for cremation services.

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Journey Selection Room Display

This affordable display presents your cremation selections in an easy-to-understand manner that emphasizes the value of funeral services.

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Journey Resource Center

Download documents and videos that illustrate how to use the Journey system in your funeral home.

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Journey Cremation Catalog

Browse the full product catalog to see all of the urns and keepsakes Aurora has available.

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