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Aurora Adds Digital Registry Solution

Aurora Joins Forces with A Simple Thank You to Offer New Service for Families

For generations, mourners and funeral guests have marked their support of grieving families by signing the guest registry. Now, the funeral guest registry meets the digital age with new Aurora Essentials Digital Registry, powered by A Simple Thank You.

The digital registry replaces the pen and paper guestbook with a free IPad app that captures guest names, addresses and email addresses. This information can be printed into an easy-to-read memorial guestbook for the family, complete with printed acknowledgement cards and envelopes.

Chris Gordon, founder of A Simple Thank You, created the new solution after a personal funeral experience.

“When my wife passed away, I wanted to acknowledge and thank the guests who offered support to me and our family, but when I sat down to write the notes and address the envelopes, it was tremendously difficult,” he explained. “Not only did the emotion of every memory come rushing back, simply trying to read the signatures of the register book and find addresses was a chore. I knew there was a better way.”

With the new Aurora Essentials Digital Registry, funeral professionals can offer families the service of pre-printed envelopes and customized acknowledgement cards, plus a copy of the contact information to help connect with guests. Aurora customers can use popular Aurora Essentials designs with this new Digital Registry Solution.