The Alliance

Aurora & Homesteaders Life

The Homesteaders-Aurora Alliance

Aurora has been providing family-owned funeral homes with high quality caskets and other funeral products since 1890. We are proud to be a family-owned company that still maintains manufacturing facilities right here in the United States.

Homesteaders Life Company, founded in 1906, is a market leader. Homesteaders, a mutual insurance company, is dedicated to ensuring the security of policyholders' funeral funds and has maintained an excellent reputation for honesty and integrity for over a century.

Aurora and Homesteaders seek to help you take control of your business's future. We cannot prosper unless you do. Our two companies have been strategically aligned since 1998 in an effort to foster customer loyalty and create long-term partnerships with family-owned funeral homes. We continually seek a shared commitment to create future value for funeral homes through smart business planning.

Over 100,000 Homesteaders policies are tied to an Aurora casket, and the number is growing as funeral directors see the value in this partnership.