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Barely fifteen years ago, the only folks who saw your front door were those who drove by and those who visited for appointments and services. Today, there is no limit to the number of people who can cross your funeral home's path. The Internet has made it possible for families to visit your funeral home and discover what you have to offer without ever entering your facilities. What's more, families expect you to have a web presence. When you don't, they look elsewhere to find what they need.

When a prospective family searches for funeral service providers and finds your website, first impressions determine how well you will connect with them. They will be more likely to engage if your content uses words that speak directly to what they care about. Show them how you can help celebrate the life lived and create healing experiences for the family and friends of their loved one.

What are families looking for?

Families that visit funeral home websites are typically interested in one of three things:
     1.  Pre-planning choices
     2.  Their loved one has just passed away. What do they do now?
     3.  Their friend or loved one has passed away and they want to see the obituary.

Aurora and funeralOne can help you fully develop each of these portions of your website. When an individual or family is seeking a service, it is important to provide them with the details they need without requiring a lot of clicking around to find them. The web designers at funeralOne are experienced and will work with you to optimize the effectiveness of your site content and visual design.

Each funeralOne website comes equipped with other practical tools and resources, including embedded Google maps, forms that can be emailed, photo slideshows and merchandise catalogs. Google metrics are also already available on each site.

You will have access to an easy-to-use editor, where you can make changes to your website content from anywhere. Add new pages and photos, edit existing content and manage submissions without having to call Aurora or funeralOne.